Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garden Update

Our first baby bell pepper has arrived!

Lots going on in the garden, unfortunately planting has not been part of it.  It is just too cold for most of the plants to leave their sunny windowsill yet.  The potatoes and onions already planted are doing well though

 My Dad sent me a box of irrigation supplies (he manufactures all types of irrigation tubing) and hubby set up a wonderful system. 

Once we get the hose timer, it will be all done. 

He also fenced our garden to keep out wandering cats and other critters.  Both our dogs love green beans and one of them tried to eat one of the sprouts we have inside, so the fencing is to keep them away from the veggies also.

These indoor photos are from last week.

Green Beans






Hopefully the next photos will be of the plants in the ground!

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