Monday, September 2, 2013

VCMP #3 - Triple Die Cutting

Like most of us, I have seen the triple stamping technique before but never tried it.  As Seongsook says, it uses a lot of cardstock and comes out very thick.  Her technique is to use dies to cut the layers so you only use one piece of cardstock.

Since I didn't have the dies, I decided to be clever and cut them on my Silhouette.  Setting up the files was easy.  Figuring out the dimensions was harder.  Actually cutting them took some work since I am a newbie and still figuring out all the different settings for each type of paper/cardstock. 

Hopefully you can't tell that my patterned paper has two cuts in it.  By the time I was done, I had a too small set and a correct size but with cuts set.  I made cards with both since I didn't want to waste.  If anyone wants the dimensions I used and/or my method, just leave a comment below.

Products - all from my stash and I have no idea who made any of them

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